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Project 24

It’s Within Us

Project 24 was born a few short days following the October 7 tragedy, to change how help is given. 

We connect Israeli communities affected by the October 7 attack with North American Jews, focusing on mutual support and healing.
Join us in making a difference, one meaningful project at a time.

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Or read our story:

Project 24 began shortly after the tragic events of October 7th, in response to a pressing need for better support....

The Heart of P24: Our Story

Experience Project 24's essence through a 5-minute journey

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Featured Projects: From Vision to Reality

Our unique P24 projects are tailor-made to heal and empower.
You can take part in any project through your superpowers
and help our people.


To understand how we are like no one else, explore our featured projects now:

* Click on the project to explore:


P24 Members




Jewish Federations
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Join Us:
Become an Official P24 Member

Become a part of the rebuilding of Israel and Israelis.
Find strength in Jewish unity.

We are continuously working on impactful projects based on real-life needs. Become a member to gain access to projects in progress and contribute with your skills, expertise, experience, connections, or anything else you choose.

P24 is a non-profit organization. To sustain our ongoing operations, we kindly request a token membership fee starting at $24


For this step, we will now direct you to the “Israel Gives” payment platform, our current partner for processing payments. Through this platform, your payment is processed as a recognized expenditure for tax purposes.


Community Voices & Testimonials

" Amazing program helping in ways that will have a major impact for generations, Kol Hakavod"

Coral Gables

  • How can I get involved with Project 24?
    You can get involved by joining P24 as an official member, where you'll be exposed to the various diverse projects we initiate and execute, continually. You can contribute by bringing your connections, experience, expertise, skills, or whatever you choose to bring the table. That's the beauty of it. Yalla, join us. What are you waiting for?
  • What are the benefits of P24 membership?
    P24 membership provides access to our members-only zone, priority participation in our projects (e.g., hosting teens) and a weekly "Shabbat Shalom" email that keeps members continuously updated on all the meaningful work we're doing.
  • Is Project 24 a 501(c)(3)?
    We are currently in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) status. Meanwhile, we work with two platforms that provide this status once you submit a payment or donation. For standard donations, you can use this link. An automatic email receipt will be sent under the name 'The IsraelGives Foundation.' For larger donations, any questions or direct assistance please contact us directly at Toda!
  • What has been Project 24's impact so far?
    So far, we have created 10 diverse projects, some completed and some ongoing. In Israel, people from dozens of kibbutzim and southern communities, as well as several evacuated communities in the north, have been involved in our projects. In the U.S., we have worked closely with at least 20 Jewish communities; some have hosted sports delegations from Israel, while others supported subsequent initiatives. We've gained media coverage across the U.S. and touched the lives of thousands of Jews, fostering friendships, life-changing experiences, deep solidarity, and building bridges between Israel and the U.S. And this is just the beginning. Join us now
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