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Challah for Healing Israel 🇮🇱

Small challah, big gesture. You buy mini challahs for Kiddush, and the proceeds turn into vouchers for buying challah at local bakeries severely impacted by the attack and the war, helping local businesses recover, grow and prosper.


You purchase a delicious mini-Challah for $5 and enjoy!


Your purchase will be converted into Israeli shekels and given in the form of a voucher to families from impacted communities.



The vouchers fund the purchase of challah at local bakeries in Israel, helping local businesses recover, grow and prosper.

Because nothing beats the smell of a freshly baked challah…except the scent of doing good.

Purchase a challah. Make a difference.

The P24 Challah Project is in-store at William Greenberg Desserts on the Upper East Side

For pick-up on Thursdays and Fridays.

*Online orders will be available after Passover

Daniel and Bubu meeting Carole Becker in NYC, the owner of William Greenberg Desserts.

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Option. Schools who have challah clubs in the states which means they pay for challah that they pick up at their child’s school- add on $4 per week for a voicher to go to a person in Israel. Families are connected to the mitzvah of another mitzvah before Shabbat.

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