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Mattresses - Polyron, Kibbutz Zikim

Israel’s 2nd largest mattress brand wants you to sleep on their products, because you care as much about your fellow Jews as you do about getting a good night's sleep.

Located in Kibbutz Zikim, Poliron is a renowned Israeli bed and mattresses factory. While its products can be found throughout the country, Poliron never exported them abroad.

Kibbutz Zikim, located about a mile away from the Gaza strip, is still uprooted from home due to the October 7 massacre and the ‘Iron Swords’ war.

We want to connect between Jewish owned hotels, old-age homes, or any other organizations whose beds are an essential part of their core business, as well as big chain-stores that sell beds and mattresses - with the Poliron factory.

Any of those establishments will gain a ‘Project24 badge’ that (somewhat like the Kosher stamp you find on food products) will mean that this is a place that supports the war stricken communities in Israel. As this word gets around, it will create traffic from Jewish people who look to give meaning to their everyday actions.

Later on, we aim to investigate the potential for manufacturing these mattresses overseas, leveraging Israeli technology within nearby facilities, supported by commitments to purchase from Jewish hotels, elderly care homes, and similar establishments.


This project is still in the making, and we are currently researching the ins and outs of this endeavor - what we need from you at this time is any know-how or connection you might have with Jewish owned hotels, old-age homes, big chain-stores that sell beds and mattresses or factories, in order to help us make this project viable.


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