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Darom Adom Anemone Pins

A gesture to DAROM ADOM - RED SOUTH.

Each year, from February to March, following the rainy season the Anemone flowers in the South of Israel.

During this time, the green landscape of the northern Negev transforms into a mesmerizing carpet of scarlet red Anemone flowers.

This phenomenon has become the Israeli equivalent of Japan's Sakura, attracting families from all over the country to witness the hills adorned with this vibrant red carpet.

It’s a call for a series of festive events that usually draws thousands of Israelis. This year, all of the festivities were canceled.

To pay our respect, support, and help keep this tradition alive - we came up with a special idea, and a new P24 project. 

We've designed the Darom Adom Anemone pins based on the artistic vision of Or Yogev, (an artist originating from the South) to be worn as a symbol of solidarity, as well as a sign of hope and renewal.

The profits from the sales will go to the Red South Department of the Southern Council - in order to support the region's rehabilitation, with the hope that next year this local holiday will be commemorated as it was in the past.


Responsible for raising the flag and producing the exquisite pins is from Montreal, who has family in Sderot, and a brother with a print factory that has been severely affected since the seventh of October. Todah, Pini. Am Yisrael Chai.


We're actively searching for institutions (such as synagogues, JCCs, federations, etc.) that could both act as a "Pickup Point" for our beautiful pins as well as help promote them within their communities.

While sales and transactions will be conducted through P24, we're seeking communities with a physical locations and vibrant community engagement.

Please take us to your local community leader.

*Please note that as we assess demand, the initial availability of units is limited.


I was going to ask 2 Sisterhoods if I could order Shalach Manot bags or boxes for them; I can't ask them to let you select what goes in them!

Unknown member
Jan 24
Replying to

Thanks Alice, that's completely understood. Todah for your intention

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