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Guitar Lessons With Lior

Lior Levi got 20 years of experience as a guitar mentor - but as of October 7 - no way to teach. 

Time to tune up this sad song.

After the October 7 massacre - when ‘Iron Swords’ war broke out - the population of the small communities in the Gaza envelope was scattered all around the country, as the area became unsuitable for living.

Many small businesses were forced to shut down, among them independent teachers and mentors, such as Lior, who’s been making a living giving guitar lessons for the past two decades. 

With his home studio in Kibbutz Kissufim destroyed, his students and potential customers far away, and temporary living in a state-sponsored hotel - Lior found it impossible to get back to his former life routine.

So this is where you can help.

Come and treat yourself (or surprise someone you love) and for an online zoom session with Lior. Classic or electric guitar, Hebrew or English songs, total beginner or experienced guitarist - Lior knows it all and has seen you all. 

So open your calendar and book a lesson.

Coming Soon


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