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Cyclists Project

Meet the passionate cyclists from the Gaza Envelope kibbutzim and moshavim, men and women ages 40 to 70. Their plan on October 7 was the same as all prior Saturday mornings: a bike ride together. 

Many experienced the horrific events of that day out on the bike trails. Some were wounded by terrorist gunfire, others fought valiantly against hundreds of terrorists alongside their community’s readiness units and some were forced to hide in safe rooms, clutching door handles for two harrowing days.

Within their cycling community, many lost family members, close friends and fellow riders.


As they continue to grapple with trauma, riding together again will provide healing for both mind and body. Welcoming them to the US - riding new trails, meeting fellow bike lovers and gathering with local Jewish communities to ensure ‘never again’ remains a solemn pledge among all of us - will hold deep meaning for Americans hoping to strengthen our Israeli brothers and Israel as they courageously rebuild.   

PROJECT ASK: The project is in its initial stages, and we are exploring where and with whom they will ride.

If you can connect us to a group of serious (but fun!) road or mountain bikers, who would like to host and ride alongside these deserving men and women, let us know: 


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