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Supporting Shani

When she was two years and ten months old, Shani was diagnosed with GBM cancer - a fast growing aggressive brain tumor.

Since then, Shani has undergone three brain surgeries, and is presently treated weekly with chemotherapy and biological treatments. Since her diagnosis, her mother left her job, dedicating most of her time to Shani's care.

On October 7th, a terrorist tried to break into the family’s home while Shani, her seven-year-old sister, and nine-year-old brother, were home alone. They had to hide silently in the safe room for over 24 hours while their father, a member of the defence squad, fought bravely outside.

Over the course of those hours, he protected the house, fought terrorists, evacuated wounded members, and kept in touch with his children and family.


Regrettably, at the same time, Shani's uncle (her father’s brother), who was a member of the defence squad in Moshav Yesha, lost his life while defending the settlement.


Words cannot describe the unimaginable moments that occurred during October 7th.

Words cannot describe the unbearably painful days Shani has, and still is, experiencing.

For over two years, the family’s life has turned upside down. Since October 7th, displaced from their home and trying to comprehend the new reality, the challenges have only intensified.

Supporting Shani.

Supporting her family. Supporting the Kibbutz.

Together she can fight cancer.

Together they can go through treatments.

Together they will get from darkness to light.

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