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Take an active part of healing Israel

Your upcoming delegation trip to Israel, following the October 7 events, is surely to be an impactful experience of profound meaning.

Delegation from Toronto meeting Kibbutz Re'im community for Shabbat evening


Add a Project24 bus-stop to your agenda, join us and learn all about how you can actively participate.

Project24 Intro Session

Learn all about the Project24 story, mission, and plans, tailored for your delegation.

Meet and Connect

Hear first hand the people, discover existing projects, and engage with the incredible “Kibbutznik’s” directly impacted by these initiatives.

Delegation Planning

Roll up your sleeves for a collaborative brainstorming session. We’ll discuss with you some projects that are in their early-stages that you can choose to help us with. Once back home, we’ll continue ongoing communications to take these ideas from idea to realization.

Join hundreds of Jews all over the world, already involved in Project24, for an emotional experience that will leave a lasting imprint.

Yallah, let's meet and do great things together!


We're want to learn more about your group and curate an event that ensures they leave Israel with actionable ways to support, contribute, and stay engaged with the healing.

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