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Challah for Healing Israel 🇮🇱

How will purchasing a mini-challah make a difference in the lives of people 

affected by the events of October 7?


You purchase a delicious mini-Challah for $5 and enjoy!


Your purchase will be converted into Israeli shekels and given in the form of a voucher to families from impacted communities.


The vouchers fund the purchase of challah at local bakeries in Israel, helping local businesses recover, grow and prosper.

Because nothing beats the smell of a freshly baked challah…except the scent of doing good. 

Purchase a challah. Make a difference.
Image by Svetlana B

The P24 Challah Project is in-store at

William Greenberg Desserts on the Upper East Side

For pick-up on Thursdays and Fridays

Submit your email below and we will notify you when the project becomes available online and/or at additional locations in New York and Miami. Toda!

Thanks for submitting!

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